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  • Provides 8 grams of BCAAs per serving to support muscle sparing and recovery
  • 1200 mg of electrolytes to support hydration
  • May help spare muscle during long workouts
  • 1 gram L-Citrulline – additional amino acid support
  • Support your training recovery, and hydration with BCAA BOOST


If you want to see results from all the gym work you’re doing, you’ll want to keep reading…

Let us guess what you want from the gym. You want results, you want lean muscle and you want to keep hydrated throughout your workout/day.


BCAA stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids. These are commonly used amongst people looking to recover from the gym quicker and build overall strength. BCAAs have proven to be beneficial for you in many ways:

  • Increase Muscle Growth
  • Decrease Muscle Soreness
  • Reduce Exercise Fatigue
  • Prevent Muscle Wasting

In addition to this, BCAA Boost has electrolytes in its formula that rehydrate the body and put yourself in a better position physically & mentally (even after a big night out).