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Maxs Creabol Power Up by Maxs Lab Series

Max’s Creabol Power Up is the master of creatine pre-workout supplements formulated with three forms of creatine to maximise physical and mental endurance and better channel blood flow for ballistic-like pumps!

This creatine matrix is for the serious athletes looking to up their gains and remain focused on the pump throughout the entire workout. Creabol Power Up works by assisting your muscles with ATP production and sustainability – a nutrient vital for powering and energising muscle cells.

Creabol Power Up allows you to effectively generate and use higher creatine levels than the body is naturally able to create. This extra creatine injection in every serve combined with a proper diet and exercise regime will result in bigger, improved gains in a matter of weeks!

Creatine Forms in Creabol Power Up Explained

  • Creatine HCL – Fast absorption and quick energy
  • Creatine Monohydrate – Medium absorption for slower creatine build-up
  • C.O.P – Helps reduce acidity accumulation in muscles helping you pump harder and longer.

Creabol Power Up also provides improved blood flow to targeted areas of the body with its Nitric Oxide boosting properties directing the vital resources and nutrients to where they’re required most!

Max’s Creabol is stackable with Max’s BetaPump Preworkout for even more savage workout and vicious pump!

Elevate your workouts with this high performing creatine super-matrix by Max’s and give Creabol Power Up a try today!