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Protein and Carb Recovery Formula

Gold Standard Gainer is built on a foundation of complete dairy proteins, mostly from isolate sources. The carbohydrate blend includes oat, pea and potato and the fats include medium chain triglycerides, chia and flax. Obviously, this is not your typical gainer formula. ON took it a step further by making it easy to mix up in a shaker cup. No blender needed. This is the new Gold Standard for weight gain.

  • Complete Proteins From Primarily Isolate Sources
  • Complex Carbohydrates Oat, Pea & Potato
  • Fats From Flax, Chia & MCTs
  • Mixes Easily Into Cold Water or Milk
  • Banned Substance Tested

When to Use

Between Meals
Calorie Boost

Protein Types & Timing For Muscle Gains


Lab rats aren’t the same as gym rats or even less active people, but their response to different types of protein at different times of day provides an interesting perspective on how muscle protein synthesis can be optimized for muscle building. This 11-week study was published in The Journal of Nutrition.

All rodents were trained to eat 3 meals a day with 16% of the calories coming from protein, 54% from carbohydrates and 30% from fat. Rats got their protein from whey, soy, egg white or wheat gluten. Some had protein evenly distributed across all 3 meals while others had an uneven distribution pattern with more than half the protein coming at dinner time.

Whey and egg increased muscle protein synthesis at breakfast while wheat and soy did not, and subjects who got wheat protein ended up with 20% more body fat compared to rats in other groups. Muscle protein synthesis was 30% to 45% greater when protein was evenly distributed across all 3 daily meals.

Tip For Building More Mass & Strength


Remember those gains right after you first discovered the weight room? Hard training athletes with significant resistance training experience have to work a lot harder to build more muscle size and strength. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research has a tip you might want to add to your greater gains tool kit.

Twenty one young male subjects took on a weight training program with 3 total body workouts per week. Each of the 7 exercises involved 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps maximum. The only difference between groups was 1 minute of between sets rest versus 3 minutes. After 8 weeks, tests showed maximal strength for 1 rep max squat and bench was significantly greater for subjects using the longer rest interval. Muscle thickness was also significantly greater for subjects employing 3 minutes of between sets rest.

Muscle Building Tips For Everyone


People can start to lose muscle mass as they age. Overweight individuals also risk a loss of muscle mass and physical function. A resistance training program can help, especially with supplemental protein, as a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests.

Researchers analyzed databases of studies involving older subjects in their 70s and younger subjects in their 30s who participated in resistance training programs. Some also supplemented with protein. Of these subjects, some has a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30 while others were under 30 BMI.

All subjects showed greater gains when resistance training was performed in conjunction with protein supplementation. On average, subjects with higher BMI realized greater improvements in lean mass and leg strength in response to protein supplementation, although subjects with lower BMI also realized gains with protein.