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Sinfully Good Protein Bar


LUST Protein Bars (60g) have been created for those people looking for a protein bar with a sinfully good taste and an excellent macronutrient profile.

LUST Protein Bars offer a combination of a high-quality protein blend, low fat and carbs, and a mix of prebiotics, collagen, B vitamins and vitamin D3. Make sure your hard work at the gym is paying off with the right diet. This delicious treat will give you the right amount of protein, fat and carbs to keep you on track.

EHPlabs Lust Protein Bar

1. What Is It? This is the all-new, delicious dessert-style protein bar from EHPlabs.

2. How Do I Use It? These are the perfect as a treat or snack replacement throughout the day.

3. How Much Does This Cost? You can grab yourself a box of 12 bars for $49.95!


Introducing the new Lust Protein Bar by EHPlabs. This bar could quite possibly be the most decadent & delicious bar on the market with a variety of unique dessert flavors available. 

These are not just a standard run of the mill protein bar, each flavor is packed with different layers that offer a unique texture with every single bite.

EHPlabs Lust Protein Bars also have added prebiotics, B-Vitamins, Collagen & Vitamin D3.

Each bar contains the following nutrients (5 Layer Chocolate Cake)

  • Protein – 18g
  • Fat – 7.2g
  • Carbohydrates – 5.2g
  • Calories – 219

If you are looking for a new option to help curb cravings at night or throughout the day that isn’t going to blow out your calorie total, then give EHPlabs Lust Protein Bar a go today!