MAXINE’S CREA BURN- Fat Burning Creatine

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Maxine’s CREA BURN

Creatine is the most effective and widely researched supplement available for improving body composition and performance. Why?? Because it works amazingly well! Every athlete, weekend warrior, and gym goer should be using it. What does Creatine do? Put simply, Creatine increases your ability to train or compete harder because it increases your muscles capacity to produce energy. Creatine also increases the rate at which you can build lean muscle tissue – so if you want a lean, toned and strong body – Creatine is a MUST! Maxine’s CREA BURN is a high potency Creatine matrix designed to increase power and performance during workouts and aid in building a lean & toned body. We’ve also added LipoPhase® – our Natural Fat Burning blend to help you burn fat faster! CREA BURN is available in two delicious flavours, Cola Crush and Grape Splash and is the perfect addition to your nutrition plan when having a lean, toned and strong body is your goal!

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  Tone & Shape
  Natural Energy
  Lipophase® Fat Burners
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Creatine Power Blend:

Creatine Monohydrate,

Tri-Creatine Malate,

Creatine Anhydrous.

Endurance Amplifying Blend:

Guarana Extract,

Beta Alanine,

Magnesium Chelate.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (300mg) – plays two important roles. It helps transport fats into cells where they can be used for energy, and it acts as a neurotransmitter that helps support healthy nerve and brain function

Garcinia Cambogia (150mg) – is an Asian fruit that contains an ingredient called Hydroxy Citric Acid. HCA has been shown to reduce appetite and inhibit fat absorption.

Choline (100mg) – is a member of the Vitamin B family and is used by the body to help regulate body fat. It is also converted to the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the body.

Inositol (100mg) – is another member of the Vitamin B family that supports healthy insulin and cholesterol metabolism

Phaseolamin (100mg) – is a kidney bean extract that has been shown to inhibit amylase enzymes which can help reduce the digestion and uptake of carbohydrates

Green Tea Extract (50mg) – contains a number of nutrients that have been shown to boost metabolism and have a positive effect on weight control. The key compounds here are caffeine and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EPCG).

Green Coffee Extract (50mg) – Green Coffee Bean Extract has been linked with improved weight loss outcomes in several studies. GCE contains a number of bioactive polyphenol compounds including Chlorogenic Acid which is thought to improve the utilization of sugars in the diet. Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Flavours, Citric Acid, Sweetener (Sucralose), Natural Colours (Beta Carotene, Carmine). Store below 30°C. GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS CAFFEINE.


  Is Creatine safe for women?

Creatine is the most researched supplement out there. In the hundreds of studies done on the safety of creatine, none have ever shown it poses any significant health risk. Not only is it considered safe to take, your own body actually produces it, and you probably consume it in your diet without even knowing it. Eat meat or fish? Then you’re consuming creatine. Therefore, a properly dosed creatine supplement is perfectly safe for women.

  Are there any side effects?

Many women fear Creatine will cause weight gain and/or water retention. Creatine works much differently in women than in men. Women can get all the muscle building benefits without adding body fat. Creatine also does not come with any medical or dietary implications. It doesn’t spike insulin like carbohydrates do and doesn’t cause any kind of hormonal imbalances.

  How does Creatine work?

When you take a Creatine supplement it naturally increases the amount of Creatine that is stored in your muscles. This Creatine helps to maintain the level of your main energy producing compound known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) used for muscle contraction. It allows you to keep pushing hard in the gym at a time when you would have previously had to decrease the load or stop entirely. Increased workout intensity means you will achieve a higher level of lean muscle, strength and power.

  Is Creatine only for women who want to gain serious muscle mass or strength?

Building a lean, toned and muscular body comes from eating right and training consistently hard, and it takes a lot more work than just supplementing with creatine. In general, women have significantly lower levels of testosterone, the hormone most responsible for muscle growth, than men do, making it hard to put on a large amount of muscle mass. So Creatine alone will not cause you to bulk up. But it will help you have better workouts overall. So regardless of your goals—improving strength and power, increasing muscle mass, decreasing body fat, or just getting better at the physical activities you love—the ability to train harder and with more energy will help you achieve your goals.

Using Maxine’s CREA BURN


1 LEVEL SCOOP (Approx. 10g)

Mix in 300 ­- 400mL of cold water and consume 1 hour prior to exercise and workouts. Can also be taken throughout the day to maximise creatine levels and support lean muscle growth.

Who Should Take CREA BURN

Consume 1 – 2 serves per day to help increase power, performance and build a lean & toned body.

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