MAXINE’S SIP’N BURN- Fat Burning Amino Acid Formula

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Maxine’s SIP’N BURN

Do you need more energy and focus to get you through the day? Do you want to lift your output in the gym? Do you need help to recover better after tough workouts? Are you working at building that lean and toned look? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then Maxine’s SIP’N BURN is for you! Maxine’s SIP’N BURN is our ALL-NEW Energy Boosting & Fat Burning Amino formula that you can sip during workouts and throughout your day to help optimise performance, improve recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and keep you hydrated. SIP’N BURN contains our SUPER effective thermogenic matrix – Lipophase® to help keep your metabolism active and in fat-burning mode all day. It comes in two refreshing flavours, Going Grape and Fruity Frost, and provides the perfect balance of hydration, BCAA recovery, natural fat burners, and crash-free energy!

  BCAA Energy & Recovery Blend
  Lipophase® Fat Burners
  Stay Hydrated
  All Day Energy
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Key Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Maxine’s SIP’N BURN Contains the following Ingredients:

Energy & Vitality Blend:

L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine (2000mg) – collectively known as the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), these amino acids play a key role in energy metabolism, recovery after exercise, and the repair and growth of muscle tissue after hard exercise.

L-Glutamine (500mg) – helps improve muscle recovery after exercise and also boost immunity by promoting microbiome (gut) health

Betaine Anhydrous (500mg) – is a naturally occurring compound in beetroots and other vegetables, it helps to increase blood flow and has been shown in studies to improve exercise performance

Guarana Extract (200mg) – Guarana is a natural mild stimulant and contains potent antioxidants. It contains moderate levels of caffeine (about the same as a weak coffee) but provides a great pick me up to help increase focus and wellbeing.

L-Taurine (290mg) – this amino acid has many benefits including improved blood flow and exercise performance

Vitamin C (50mg) – is a potent antioxidant and is essential for optimal muscle function

Magnesium Chelate (50mg) – plays a vital role in the regulation of muscle contraction and overall mineral balance of the body

Vitamin E (15mg)- like vitamin C, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and also plays a key role in the regulation and metabolism of body fat.

LipoPhase® Thermogenic Fat Burning Matrix:

Acetyl L-Carnitine (300mg) – plays two important roles. It helps transport fats into cells where they can be used for energy, and it acts as a neurotransmitter that helps support healthy nerve and brain function

Garcinia Cambogia (150mg) – is an Asian fruit that contains an ingredient called Hydroxy Citric Acid. HCA has been shown to reduce appetite and inhibit fat absorption.

Choline (100mg) – is a member of the Vitamin B family and is used by the body to help regulate body fat. It is also converted to the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the body.

Inositol (100mg) – is another member of the Vitamin B family that supports healthy insulin and cholesterol metabolism

Phaseolamin (100mg) – is a kidney bean extract that has been shown to inhibit amylase enzymes which can help reduce the digestion and uptake of carbohydrates

Green Tea Extract (50mg) – contains a number of nutrients that have been shown to boost metabolism and have a positive effect on weight control. The key compounds here are caffeine and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EPCG).

Green Coffee Extract (50mg) – Green Coffee Bean Extract has been linked with improved weight loss outcomes in several studies. GCE contains a number of bioactive polyphenol compounds including Chlorogenic Acid which is thought to improve the utilization of sugars in the diet.


  Is this product Thermogenic?

Yes! Maxine’s SIP’N BURN contains our potent Lipophase® natural fat-burning complex that will supercharge your metabolism and enhance the thermogenic effect in your body. This allows for stronger and longer-lasting fat burning effects.


 Is SIP’N BURN Gluten Free?

Yes. Maxine’s SIP’N BURN is 100% Gluten Free.

 Can I use SIP’N BURN during my workout to increase energy?

You sure can! Our SIP’N BURN formulation has been designed with a few specific uses in mind. One of those is providing the perfect balance of hydration and recovery boosting BCAA’s with our ENERGY & VITALITY BLEND, and the other being a crash-free energy boost and potent fat burning effects with our Lipophase® THERMOGENIC FAT BURNING MATRIX. This makes SIP’N BURN the perfect all-day energy boost and intra-workout formula!


Does SIP’N Burn contain caffeine?

Yes. Whilst our Lipophase® complex does contain around 50mg of caffeine (about the equivalent of a cup of tea or small coffee), this dosage level won’t be overpowering or too intense for most people! Instead, we have opted for a combination of proven natural, crash-free fat-burning compounds that have been shown to deliver great results! If you are after a fat burner you can sip on and enjoy throughout the day then SIP’N BURN is perfect for you!

Using Maxine’s SIP’N BURN

How To Take SIP’N BURN

1 LEVEL SCOOP (Approx. 10g)

Mix in 400 ­- 600mL of cold water and sip throughout exercise and workouts or during the day to boost energy, stay hydrated and reduce muscular soreness.

Who Should Take SIP’N BURN

Consume 1 serve during your daily workout. Can also be consumed as a daily energizing drink at any time.

Pre Workout/Exercise
Post Workout/Exercise         ***************
During Workout/Exercise   ***************
All Day Use                                 ***************
Night Time
Nutritional Boost                    ***************