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Fat Burning Pre Workout and Energy Extender for Women


Maxine’s XT BURN ENERGISE is our next generation Fat Burning Pre Workout and Energy Extender specifically formulated for women who want maximum performance from their training or sport, and to develop a lean toned body.

  Maximise Energy with natural botanicals compounds
  Enhance nootropic function (cognition and focus)
  Stimulate metabolism to accelerate fat burning
  Elevate energy and endurance for activity, training or sport
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150mg Caffeine

1000mg L-Carnitine Matrix

1500mg BCAA Complex

750mg Choline

Key Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Energy Mood and Focus Matrix:

• Choline Bitartrate (750mg) – is an essential nutrient for the biosynthesis of Acetylcholine – one of the brain’s key neurotransmitters that control mood and focus.

• Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg) – a stronger dose of this stimulating and fat burning ingredient, enough for a good boost, not enough to cause unwanted side effects. Caffeine is proven to increase focus and endurance and has been shown to mobilize fatty acids from adipose tissue.

• Pantethine (50mg) – is a precursor for the production of Co-Enzyme A (CoA) which supports the production compounds in the brain that boost mood and cognition.

• Niacin (20mg) – plays a key role in the metabolism of both carbohydrates and fats for energy production

Thermogenic Fat Burning Matrix:

• L-Carnitine Matrix (L-Carnitine Tartrate, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine HCl, 1000mg) – comprises of 3 active forms of Carnitine that help transport fats from the blood stream into cell mitochondria where they can be burnt for fuel.

• Halostachine (35mg) – is a plant extract that boosts metabolism, stimulates fat burning, increases energy and enhance focus.

• Green Coffee Bean Extract (45% Chlorogenic Acid, 20mg) – supports optimum blood sugar levels and control insulin release to help maintain or reduce body fat.

• CapsiAtra (1mg) – is a potent extract of sweet peppers that increases metabolism and fat oxidation which reduces subcutaneous and visceral fat – particularly abdominal fat.

Recovery and Strength Complex:

• Instantised Branched Chain Amino Acids & Glutamine (1500mg) – This combination of amino acids is proven to accelerate muscle recovery, repair and growth, and reduce muscle soreness after hard training or sport.


  How much caffeine is in XT BURN ENERGISE?

XT BURN ENERGISE is a cutting edge and potent formulation designed to help you get the most out of your workouts and energy levels throughout the day. It includes 150mg of Caffeine which is about the equivalent of about 2 cups of coffee. Research studies show that this level of caffeine has a number of significant benefits for athletes including increased endurance, better fat utilization for muscle fuel, improved focus and cognition, and lower levels of perceived exertion. We recommend not taking a serve of XT BURN ENERGISE within around 3-4 hours of bedtime as caffeine can keep you awake.

  What are ‘nootropics’?

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that improve the function of your brain, particularly memory, creativity, and motivation. Nootropic agents are an expanding area of health research and these compounds offer many benefits to athletes and active people. Maxine’s XT BURN ENERGISE contains several ingredients designed to enhance focus, mood and motivation, helping you to tackle workouts or any other task with maximum attention.

  How many serves of XT BURN ENERGISE can I have each day?

XT BURN ENERGISE is primarily designed as a Pre Workout to help prime your body for sport or exercise. But it’s also a great product to take to help with energy and focus at other times during your day. We recommend no more than 2 – 3 serves per day, and not to take within 3 – 4 hours of your bedtime as the caffeine levels may disturb your sleep.

  Can I take XT BURN ENERGISE with Maxine’s Creatine before a workout?

Yes you can. Maxine’s Creatine and XT BURN ENERGISE work well together because they target different energy systems of your body to give a synergistic result. For best results we recommend taking Maxine’s Creatine about 1 hour before your workout and Maxine’s XT BURN ENERGISE about 20 minutes before trainiong.



XT BURN ENERGISE can be used Pre Workout or taken throughout the day for a Fat Burning Energy Hit!

For best results take 1 scoop in 200mL of cold water 20-30 minutes prior to working out or during the day to give you an energy boost and enhance fat burning.


Any female looking to Boost Energy, Mood and Focus, Energise your Metabolism to BURN Fat and Maximise Physical Performance

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